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The Ageless Wisdom

  "The Understanding beyond all thought and feeling."

In the mythologies and philosophies of the world, there are repeated references to a body of Transcendent Wisdom available to those human beings who learn to set aside their ego-base fears and anxieties long enough to realize intuitive Wisdom. Find out how to access your own overshadowing Wisdom in this program.

"The intelligence of the ego seeks power over its opposition. The Wisdom of the Higher Self wields Love as Harmony ... the "power" to refine and redeem. "

— Steve Snyder - Michael Benner
Your donation goes to Learning Forum International scholarship fund and is tax deductible. You will be providing financial assistance to help deserving students attend SuperCamp which is the #1 camp for improved academics, increased confidence and leadership development. This outstanding program includes the AlphaLearning techniques developed by Steve and Michael.